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Who We Are

ZELES is the heating tobacco products brand owned by ICCPP
At ICCPP, we firmly believe that technology is people-oriented

As the core HNB product of the company, ZELES Z2 has
undergone a 4-year R&D cycle, backed by the technical
advancements from the world’s top laboratories, with the
goal of improving user experience, with the mission of driving
innovation, ZELES has been committed to serving traditional
cigarette users through technology

We call for a reduction in tobacco use, ban all youth access to
all tobacco products, in addition, we will work with global
partners, committed to improving human health in the long


Z2 Product Introduction

The Heating Carrier is made of Flexible Magnetic
Alloy material with constant magnetic permeability
Promising a universal and stable heating
high heat transfer efficiency, durability and reliability
It also complies with FDA food safety and
sanitation standards

Reliable and
durable heater

Reliable and durable heater

IPX5 waterproof

IPX5 waterproof washable body
cleaning worry-free

1500mAh capacity battery

Last up to 20 sticks after full charge
1.5A fast charge, fully charged in just one hour


Innovative rotating
dust cover

Magnetically assisted rotating dust cover
fully enclosed and dustproof

Clean&safe airflow

The high-temperature area of the device is made
of high-purity special semi-crystalline polymer
material, which meets the FDA food safety and
hygiene standards, no irritation, no harmful gas

Precise magnetic
temperature control

Electromagnetic induction heating controller adopted
15 seconds fast heating, precise temperature
control to bring continuous authentic flavor
Polymer metal composite material magnetic
isolation application, in line with national
magnetic radiation safety standards