Strictly Control Quality Every Step

With mature and complete quality total quality management system, Passed ISO9001 quality management system certification
We carry out inspection at all levels, never omit any step that affects product quality .
From products and R & D design to supplier management, to manufacturing process, to delivery quality and after-service.


Process and Quality Control Point

Process and Quality
Control Point IQC
LQC Full Test LQC Test 1 OQC FQC Spot Check LQC Functional
Appearance Test

Reject materials,processes and
environment harmful to human

Reject materials, processes and environment harmful to human body.
All products are produced by 100000 level dust-free workshop.
Passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, high production yield.

Multiple Test Measures
Ensure Quality Control

·We strictly abide by the electronic atomization control standards of medical food in various countries and regions.
·Our testing standards meet the compliance requirements, covering dozens of categories and hundreds of specific
indicators to ensure the effectiveness and comprehensiveness of quality control.
·We have CNAS compliant laboratories.

After-service Ensures Consumers' Rights And Interests

·We offering reliable after-service ensures consumers' rights And interests.
·A professional after-sales quality improvement team can comprehensively screen and detect products quality problems and listen to customer feedback
·The information collected by our after-service also provides an effective reference for our new products development.