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What’s The ICCPP ODM+
What’s The

Strong technical R&D , Excellent product design, Lean intelligent manufacturing, Good quality.

Strong technical R&D , Excellent product design,
Lean intelligent manufacturing, Good quality.


ICCPP ODM+ is the main business of ICCPP,offering one-stop vaping solution customization service.
Mainly offer research, design and manufacturing closed vaping devices and vaping components for members of leading tobacco companies and independent vaping company.

ICCPP ODM+ One-stop Vaping
solutions Customized Service
ICCPP ODM+ One-stop Vaping solutions Customized Service

Professional global team offer the most professional localization
service for global customers.


·Listening to your requests
·Offering professional one-to-one
advisor and project manager to follow up.

Offering different
innovative technologies
in the customized

·Two main technologies:GENE TREE ,Pioneer powder free ceramic core Meshup ,New generation cotton core
·Our leading technology strength can help you build the core differentiation technology advantages.

Offering multiple-series
customized products
design solutions

·Offering “more beautiful, more comfortable and more interesting” multiple-series customized products to meet your company different business needs.
·Our leading ID design strength can help you build your business products design advantages.

Draw up the individual

·Offering professional proposal and market intelligence .
·Draw up the individual solutions based your company situation.

Offering lean production
and excellent quality

·We refuse harmful materials .
·Strictly control quality in every step in material selection, R & D, design , production, ect.
·High degree of automation, high productivity, production independent research and development ability.

Offering high quality
delivery service for
finished products

·We only deliver products that meet the acceptance requirements and compliance
·Based on the high quality supply chain system, intelligent production management system, project delivery system.
·We can achieve order lifecycle management and supply chain full chain information control, provide high quality delivery service, and high quality yield.

Offering Perfect after-sale
service and brand
marketing support

·Good credit is dispensable to the development of enterprises,we offering reliable after-service .

·Offering more value-added services to our ODM+ business parteners , such as brand marketing support services.

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Disposable Kit
Pod System
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