ICCPP's Gene Tree Special Edition: new technological revolution in vaping


Regulations and policies has gradually become clear and pointed out direction of the e-cigarettes industry development - returning to the focus on"harm reduction". ICCPP, one of top leaders in vape industry, has self-developed "Gene Tree" nano-microcrystalline ceramic core technology centered on this and achieved remarkable breakthroughs in the ultra-thin Powder-free ceramic core disposable pod solution, surely igniting a new revolution in the ceramic core application market.


Firstly, through double innovation of calcination process and mixing process and the introduction of nano-scale high-temperature environmental protection crystal nucleus new materials, ICCPP's Gene Tree Special Edition creatively maintain the shape after high temperature calcination process without alumina powder addition, which is for the first time from the root to solve the problem of powder residue.


Secondly, it destructures the 10um ultra-small e-liquid sealing holes on the surface and the lower 30um e-liquid transportation holes inside to increase the e-liquid sealing capacity and capillary force of the surface pores, improving stability of ceramic and reducing possibility of splitting or popping. Plus the upgrade of heating film, the heating uniformity of ceramic core is improved to the maximum, the temperature range control is more accurate, and the precipitation rate of heavy metals and aldehydes can be reduced by 42%, ensuring the safety and environmental protection during vaping.

Besides, Gene Tree Special Edition creatively adopts the patented "hot capillary channel" and "runway type air channel" design. It expands larger aerosol channel spaces and reduces contact areas between aerosol and channel surface due to traction of hot capillary force, and then reduces the formation possibility of condensate by 30% by reducing the heat transfer coefficient,  more effectively preventing wrong condensate aspiration.

ICCPP's "Gene Tree Special Edition" disposable pod solution innovatively solves the application problems of the ceramic core market, but it is not the end. In the future, ICCPP will continue to uphold the concept of open and win-win cooperation, and empower the whole industry chain with global-leading scientific research technology, highly modern intelligent manufacturing capabilities, excellent product design and brand operation through ODM+ customized solutions and services, sharing beautiful life experience brought by innovative atomization technology with global users.