ICCPP’s EVEREST Lab Expands CNAS Accreditation Range, Scientific Research and Testing Capabilities Upgraded Again


Recently, EVEREST Lab under the ICCPP Group has once again been accredited by CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment), expanding its testing projects to 199 items and leaping to the forefront of the electronic atomization industry in terms of research and testing capabilities.

Always putting customers at the center, the goal of EVEREST Lab is to provide consumers with safer and compliant new atomization products. The lab has grown to become one of the most authoritative and influential labs in the field of electronic atomization testing.

In 2022, the EVEREST Lab team published the first structural SCI paper in the new tobacco industry, providing valuable research data. In 2023, EVEREST Lab conducted in-depth research on the technical and pain points of the new tobacco industry, providing references for standard testing in peer labs. In the same year, EVEREST Lab officially obtained CNAS accreditation, indicating its possession of nationally and internationally recognized hardware facilities, testing levels, and management capabilities.

The testing projects accredited by EVEREST Lab cover various domestic and international technologies and standards, involving areas such as electronic atomization liquid and aerosols, etc., essentially encompassing the majority of testing projects related to global major new tobacco market regulations. To ensure smooth market entry, EVEREST Lab addresses the complex product registration procedures in overseas markets and provides customers with one-stop testing and registration services. From electronic atomization liquid formula analysis to aerosol testing, the entire TPD testing registration process can be completed in as fast as 3 working days. For HPHCs testing in PMTA, the fastest delivery speed is 5 working days, leading the industry.

The success of this CNAS testing expansion is a recognition from the national certification and accreditation regulatory body of ICCPP's efficient professional technical strength and rigorous research spirit, as well as a full recognition of ICCPP's research innovation, technical investment, and safety assurance. Currently, there are only two companies in the Chinese electronic atomization industry with CNAS accreditation and over 100 testing projects (excluding third-party testing institutions), and EVEREST Lab is one of them, with a high number of 199 testing projects, leading in research and testing capabilities among peer companies.

Moving forward, EVEREST Lab will continue to expand and extend the types of tests and testing projects, providing quality safety testing and assurance services for more products, offering more professional and reliable product services and technical support for more brand customers, and injecting new energy into the sustainable development of the industry.