Gene Tree Ceramic Core Receives Technology Achievement Appraisal, Seizing New Heights in Electronic Atomization for ICCPP


With the step-by-step clarification of regulatory policies at home and abroad, the industry is experiencing unprecedented iterations and upgrades. After reshuffling, how can the remaining manufacturers deploy future strategies to meet the interests of the state, industry and users? The key lies in whether they can have a thorough understanding of user needs,and how they can practice their "user-centric" philosophy to bring users a better vaping experience.

Certificate of Scientific and Technological Achievements
Certificate of Scientific and Technological Achievements

Along with the continuous innovation of atomization technology, people's consumption habits of vape devices keep changing. According to the research of Sullivan, before 2014 was the initial experience stage of e-cigarette users, when the e-cigarette devices were mixed and the quality varied; between 2015 and 2019, with technology development and the rise of numerous business brands, vape gradually accepted by the public and the global market continues to expand. Nowadays, taste has become the core factor of user experience in a diverse and bloom market,and the key to the taste is the use of new technology and new materials. Therefore,atomization core, one of the most important core components of electronic atomizers, attracts the most attention and its iteration also promotes the transformation and upgrading of electronic cigarette products and the industry.


Chapter 1. Future trends in atomization cores: the place where vape brands must fight
The iteration of the atomization core mainly carried out by increasing the safety, enhancing the vaping experience,replacing the material and improving the structure, etc. The aim is to strengthen the processability of the atomization core. So far, the material of the atomization core has experienced from glass fiber rope wrapped heating wire, to resistance wire cotton core, to ceramic  core the three generations of technology iterations. At present, the ceramic core in the Chinese market accounts for 85%.

Head Leopard released "2021 China electronic atomizer industry overview" and it shows that in the Chinese market, ceramic core is more favored by business and consumers because of high efficiency, stable taste and not easy to be burnt. From a global perspective, ceramic core with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, strong adsorption, good stability and better environmental friendly advantages, has also become the development direction of vape device upgrades, and many manufacturers have shown the latest ceramic core solutions. Ceramic core technology has become a key indicator to a company's technological level,and it has obvious advantages compared to cotton core technology in terms of market share and product features.

After years of development, the use of ceramic cores has formed a more complete industry chain. According to the introduction of R & D team of ICCPP, head enterprise in vaping industry, up to now, ceramic cores have experienced four different development stages, roughly presenting five major trends.

  1. The development of heating way comes from line heating to surface heating and the requirements of the heat uniformity is increasing.
  2. The ceramics used comes from low-temperature ceramics to high-temperature ceramic and the strength requirements of the ceramic continues to improve.
  3. Greater attention to the sticky powder on the ceramic calcination process,and the ceramic technology development comes to powder-free.
  4. The requirements for reduction of ceramics are getting higher and higher, and low reduction ceramics are gradually being eliminated.
  5. The ceramic atomization energy efficiency requirements continue to improve,and the lower the atomization power, the large smoke, the better.

Based on the forward-looking layout of the atomization core research, ICCPP,started from 2019, cooperated with several universities in China to carry out innovative material research. It set up an R&D group led by talents from the "Peacock Plan", and established Basic Material Institute to focus on the R&D and application of new electronic atomization materials. In terms of industralization effort, its goal is to reach the top of the industry in the 3rd  to 4th  generation of ceramic cores, the 5th  to 6th  generation to achieve a comprehensive surpass.

Chapter 2. How to make a good "Chinese atomization core"
Making a good atomization core has become a big issue in Chinese electronic atomization industry in recent years, and the key factor is the use of new materials. But the development of new things is always meandering. Due to materials and process defects, current ceramic core still exists many problems,such as poor taste reduction,poor stability and the problem of powder remains, even some mainstream products are also difficult to avoid. The taste is a key indicator for consumers to measure electronic atomization devices, while it is directly affected by the formulation, pore size, porosity as well as the atomization efficiency of ceramic core.

More critically, ceramic atomization technology has know-how barriers, mainly in the suitability of the e-liquid and ceramic core, micron-level pore size synthesis control and consistency , nicotine transfer efficiency, mass production defect rate, harmful substances precipitation rate and other professional fields. All of the above determines the stability, safety, harm reduction and even mass production costs of ceramic atomizaiton technology, so if you want to produce a ceramic core that perfectly meet the market demands, you need an overall upgrade on technical innovation, production process and vaping experience.

Enterprises at the front end of the industry chain today are also relying on their own in-depth research and development in ceramic materials, combustion process, ceramic structure, pod structure and other aspects of in-depth research and development and product experience, to have the opportunity to stand firm in the global market, and they have to adapt to the new changes constantly occuring in the market to withstand the verification of the authorities and industry.

It is reported that the Gene Tree nano-microcrystalline ceramic core was launched in October last year by ICCPP, which once again refreshed the value benchmark of ceramic cores and was regarded as a "deep water bomb" in the industry. In addition to solving the two pain points of powder remining and taste decay, Gene Tree ceramic core also has the advantages of longer battery life, higher energy efficiency and higher compacibility to e-liquid. During the research period, ICCPP has submitted more than 300 IPR applications, which will become one of its technology killer applications. In July this year, Gene Tree Special Edition, an innovative series of Gene Tree products, was released and has been well received by the industry. In the future, ICCPP will continue to play its core technology advantage and will launch more heavyweight products,apart from original ceramic core products to create a new high ground for electronic atomization.

Based on the manufacturing advantage, each Gene Tree ceramic core launched by ICCPP is produced by GMP 100,000 class clean workshop and supports 168 testing procedures to ensure quality. Its ceramic core plant covers an area of 60,000㎡, employs more than 5,000 people, with a maximum annual production of 300 million ceramic cores, and will next be in full swing to provide quality ceramic cores to global electronic atomizer brands and their own brand products. Of course, this is also few companies can be compared with it in the vape industry.

Chapter 3. Gene Tree 4.0:the latest ceramic core generation up to the international advanced level
In order to break the understanding of ceramic core technology barriers, atomization industry-related technical identification institutions and authoritative research institutes,pratice from data research, technical identification and other aspects of the overall atomization industry to let the technology back to the technology itself, so as to promote industry technological development and to bring consumers a better vaping experience.

The safety of ceramic cores is now recognized by authoritative institutions, which is inseparable from the head enterprises' continuous efforts,taking ICCPP for example.It upgraded the ceramic material formula and production process, which greatly improved the heating uniformity performance of ceramic cores and made accurate the temperature range control more accurate, while extending the ceramic life. With the top innovative technology and comprehensive taste performance, Gene Tree ceramic core will bring a refreshed technological experience for global consumers.

Recently, an appraisal committee consisting of Tsinghua University Research Institute, Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen University, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenzhen Institute of Inspection and Quarantine Science and other relevant units appraised the scientific and technological achievements of Gene Tree ceramic cores independently developed by ICCPP, and they unanimously agreed that the Gene Tree ceramic cores are novel, innovative and have an independent intellectual property right. The appraisal committee agreed that the two performance indexes of atomization reduction degree and atomization efficiency reach international advanced level, and agreed to pass the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements,which can also further strengthen the advantageous position of ICCPP in atomization core technology.

All these successes are inseparable from the efforts of ICCPP. After more than 1300 days of research and testing, more than 2500 groups of material formula attempts, and more than 45000 repeated analyses, ICCPP has launched a new generation of Gene Tree ceramic core.

  1. Powder-free ceramic atomization core: using self-developed "powder-free" innovative technology and pioneering ceramic material formula, breaking the bottleneck of traditional ceramic powder remains after calcination, so that the ceramic surface no longer has powder layer adhesion, to achieve a pure vaping product experience.

  2. Nano-microcrystalline ceramic core: the use of new eco-friendly mineral materials, three-dimensional network ceramic skeleton, crystal boundary microstructure and nano-level high-temperature crystal nuclei of new materials to improve the toughness of ceramic materials, so that the reduction degree of ceramic is greatly enhanced, the consistency of nicotine increases by 44% and the reduction of various flavors is also more adequate.

  3. Special innovative process application: adjusting the particle size and ratio of raw materials to create microscopic pore-making modifications and prepare an innovative multi-stage pore structure, fully guaranteeing Gene Tree's superb oil delivery compacity and oil absorbility. Besides, the atomization volume increases,the energy effectivity improves under the same power. The original M-shaped uniform heating film design, to achieve an overall atomization efficiency of 53.3%.

These successes are not over for the whole atomization industry, and there are many possibilities for the innovation and application of ceramic cores.we believe that in the future, it will continue to refine on the road to industrial empowerment.