Pioneering Craft

Powder Free

Gene Tree nano-microcrystalline ceramic core has passed thousands of material formula selection and tens of thousands of hours of process debugging, and successfully developed the industry's first non-stick powder-free multi-air ceramic solution.
Not only that, the high-strength manufacturing process adopted by the Gene Tree ceramic core can ensure that it does not drop any dust when it is used, avoiding the possible harm caused by the ceramic core falling powder, and escorting the health of users.

Abundant Taste

Ultimate Reduction

Gene Tree nano-tech ceramic core modifies the ceramic material of the atomized core by adjusting the particle size of the raw materials to form a multi-stage amorphous pore modification to form a pore structure interconnected to ensure high voids and excellent oil-conducting and oil-locking capabilities.
Selecting food-grade lipophilic rare earth oxides, on the one hand, reshapes the grain boundary microstructure and improves the strength and toughness of ceramics. On the other hand, a lipophilic matrix layer is formed to improve the lipophilicity and oil storage of porous ceramics. Perfectly restore the taste of smoke oil.

Long Usage Lifespan

Gene Tree's self-developed heat-generating slurry matches the thermodynamics of porous ceramics more reliably, greatly reducing the phenomenon of core paste. And after repeated tests, gene tree has no cracks in the heating film after 4000 times of dry burning at 2.5W, and the resistance value does not change; the service life of dry burning at 6W is up to 5 times that of other products. Long life and more durable.

Excellent Flavor

Beyond Your Imagination

The results of continuous suction test show that Gene Tree can bring users full satisfaction with every mouthful while the smoke is stable.
The taste is continuous without attenuation, breaking through the industry pain point of the ceramic core taste attenuation.

Big Cloud

Stable Output

opological optimization design of Gene Tree's original M-type heating film perfectly matches the thermal conductivity of the ceramic matrix with the size of the heating film, which improves the heating uniformity and greatly increases the atomization area to fully atomize the essence in the smoke oil. Compared with other products, the smoke volume increases by 80% at the same power, presenting a perfect big smoke.

Food Grade Materials

Gene Tree uses environmentally friendly mineral materials, food-grade raw materials, high-end rare earth oxides, etc., rejects the addition of harmful substances such as o-benzenes, and complies with European closed electronic cigarette safety regulations, and strives to create low-harm and reduced-harm products for consumers.

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