TPE Fresh News: ICCPP ODM+’s 360°Allview™ Tech Disposable Solution to Shine, GENE MAGE’s Four Highlights to Spark


Get ready to witness a vaping feast! ICCPP ODM+, the sister business of VOOPOO, is all set to unveil its groundbreaking 360°Allview™ Tech Disposable Solution, GENE MAGE, at the highly anticipated 2024 TPE from Jan. 31th to Feb. 2th in Los Vegas, U.S..


ICCPP ODM will bring GENE MAGE to spark 2024 TPE

This cutting-edge innovation is poised to revolutionize the vaping experience, putting an end to user concerns about residue e-liquid, puff, and flavor. With the captivating slogan of "See all, get all," GENE MAGE is about to take the market by storm with transparency in sight and taste.


GENE MAGE: 360°Allview™ Tech Disposable Solution

ALL Visible Residual E-liquid Design to Break E-liquid Consumption Anxiety

Prepare to be dazzled by the unprecedented 360°all transparent view!

GENE MAGE’s ultimate crystal technology design delivers vapers a visual feast of oil flow, easily seeing remaining e-liquid in each vape, saying goodbye to anxiety about the unknown of e-liquid consumption, and then thoroughly enjoying the satisfaction and exhilaration of running out of e-liquid to the last drop.

Patented No Storage Cotton Structure to Increase 35% Puffs and Downsize 20%

GENE MAGE's patented no storage cotton structure connects the outer oil tank with the built-in oil-conducting system, maximising the utilisation of the oil storage space, and reducing the vape size by 20% compared to the same amount of e-liquid. In other words, the 12ml large-capacity vape can be easily tucked away in your pocket, enjoying the same compactness and sophistication as the 8ml product.

In addition, thanks to the no storage cotton technology, GENE MAGE does not produce e-liquid residue and waste in the vaping process, increasing the e-liquid utilisation rate by 100%, and increasing the number of puffs by 35% for the same amount of e-liquid compared to traditional oil storage cotton products.

Five Layered Lock-in Bionic Leak-proof Technology™ to Achieve 0 Oil Leakage


GENE MAGE’s Five Layered Lock-in Bionic Leak-proof Technology™

GENE MAGE has gone above and beyond to ensure a leak-proof vaping experience with their proprietary five-patent leakage-proof technology.

Drawing inspiration from the fields of bionics and atmospherics, GENE MAGE’s patented lock-in bionic leak-proof technology™, vacuum negative pressure automatic oil supply, multi-layer food-grade sealed silicone rings, plus one-piece crystal shell and inner sealing shell achieve a five-layered freshness-locking seal from the inside out and ensures minimum e-liquid leakage in extreme high or low pressure environments regardless of the amount of e-liquid, and providing vapers with a hassle-free and seamless vaping experience.

Two-split RocketPro™ Mesh Heating Technology to Increase 45% Taste Consistency


GENE MAGE’s two-split rocketPro™ mesh heating technology

Atomized taste is crucial to the vaping experience, and GENE MAGA's unique two-split RocketPro™ perfectly solves the plague of flavour consistency and smoothness. The innovative two-split RocketPro™mesh heating technology, together with the unique U-shaped automatic oil conducting structure, improves the e-liquid transfer efficiency, locks the oil efficiently while conducting the oil precisely, and simultaneously lifts the atomization position, resulting in a shorter atomisation path, a fuller atomisation effect, more delicate and smooth aerosols, and an increase of 45% in the flavour consistency and stability.

In addition, GENE MAGE’s precise oil conducting and oil locking effect also directly reduces the waste of e-liquid during the delivery process, effectively reduces the dry burning phenomenon caused by insufficient e-liquid, and increases its life expectancy by 56%. Get ready to indulge in clouds of vapor that will leave you craving for more!

In summary, what sets ICCPP ODM+ apart is not only their excellent technology application and product conversion skills, but also their continuous dedication and investment in technological innovation.

As an excellent enterprise that created one of the top open system brand VOOPOO, and an emerging player in the electronic atomization ODM industry, ICCPP was awarded the 2023 Industry Innovation Model of the Year for its scientific and technological innovation and high-quality development at the recent 4th International Science and Innovation Festival and DSC2023 International Digital Service Awards.

ICCPP GROUP awarded “Industry Innovation Model of the Year 2023”

The GENE MAGE 360°Allview Transparent Oil Tank™ is just a small microcosm of its excellent technological capabilities. Plus a collection of GENE TREE powder-free ceramic coil technology, GENE CHIP intelligent interaction technology and SPEEX dual mesh heating technology, ICCPP has more than 2,000 patented technologies and application layout, which will be unveiled again at the 2024 TPE in Las Vegas, U.S..

Warmly welcome interested industry professionals and vaping enthusiasts to come to the booth 16183 of TPE2024 to know more, where you can experience firsthand the groundbreaking technologies and products that is set to redefine the vaping landscape.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Catch ICCPP ODM+ at TPE 2024:

Booth Number: 16183

Address: Convention Center, Las Vegas