ICCPP's Voice at GTNF: Technology Innovation and Digital Transformation Lead the Future of Vape Industry


On September 29th, 2022, the three-day Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum 2022 (GTNF) with the theme of "ACCESSING INNOVATION", successfully held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington DC,USA.

ICCPP Group, a global benchmark company in electronic atomization,  was invited to participate for the first time this year, and shared on stage a series of their research results in product innovation, ceramic core technology, biodegradable materials, etc. as an industry representative.

9.29 ICCPP Group at GTNF Panel Products: Innovating for Tomorrow
9.29 ICCPP Group at GTNF Panel Products: Innovating for Tomorrow

GTNF, founded in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, since 2008, has always been committed to open dialogue and exchange of views among companies, investors, scientists, regulators, professionals, etc., to promote the transformation and development of the global tobacco industry.

ICCPP: Five-in-one Research to Achieve Ceramic Core Technology Breakthrough

In the panel discussion of "Products: Innovating for Tomorrow" held at 14:15p.m. on the last day, the representative from ICCPP Group shared their technology layout around four directions to achieve product and  technology innovation, sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. While the introduction of Gene Tree, the world's first Powder-free nano-microcrystalline ceramic core, attracted great attention of the audience. ICCPP pointed out that ceramic core technology will be the key direction of the electronic atomization industry in the future, and its technical breakthroughs will be achieved mainly in 5 dimensions:

1) Harm reduction and more reassuring vaping experience. No heavy metals, rare aldehydes.

2) Excellent stability. Large-scale product advantages and good process stability.

3) Multi-layer pore and multi-layer film design. No taste decay, no e-liquid spitting.

4) Powder-free technology. No powder paste, no powder residue.

5) Atomic level bonding innovation process and longer service life.

ICCPP stressed, with the expanding market of e-cigarettes, the global tobacco industry has transformed from a traditional and single market to a "traditional tobacco + novel tobacco" market, especially in developed countries. In order to cope with this, companies should build their core competitiveness with "innovation". ICCPP, a long-term practitioner in science and technology innovation, is committed to building a full category and multi-series product matrix system. Relying on four major research institutes and the high-standard Everest Laboratory, ICCPP has an important layout in atomization equipment, atomizers, HNB and other categories.

ICCPP:Digital Transformation Improves ESG Practices and Leads the Industry's High-quality Development

On the stage, ICCPP also shared its "digital transformation" strategy and the overall digital innovation including digital R&D, digital manufacturing, digital export and digital marketing. ICCPP implements a low-carbon office to save paper, avoids inefficient and too complicated sample production, and realizes fast R&D and delivery to bring more value to the global consumers and to lead the high-quality development of the industry.

With the belief of "innovation shifts the future", ICCPP calls on the industry to deepen the innovation and application of electronic atomization and continuously upgrade the global user experience! At the same time, ICCPP hopes to empower the frontier field, integrate the industry development with the concept of openness and sharing, to build an industrial ecosystem, and to jointly devote to the innovation and change of the tobacco industry.


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