A Recap of ICCPP Group’s Sensational Presence at Vapexpo 2024 in France


ICCPP Group, with its renowned brand VOOPOO and innovative ODM business ICCPP ODM+, captivated audiences with its revolutionary products at VAPEXPO 2024 in Paris. Join us as we highlight the pivotal moments and remarkable achievements of ICCPP at this esteemed event.


VOOPOO: Winner of Best Box Award

VOOPOO, an electronic cigarette brand under ICCPP, emerged victorious at the VAPEXPO 2024 by clinching the Best Box Award for its renowned DRAG S2. VAPEXPO 2024, which ended on 25th March, served as the perfect platform for VOOPOO to showcase its innovative products and engage with vaping enthusiasts from around the world.

In addition to their award-winning DRAG S2, VOOPOO made a significant impact at VAPEXPO 2024 with their star product taking center stage. The VOOPOO's first vape with powerbank, DORIC Galaxy, arrived at the expo and attracted many enthusiasts to try it. Besides, ARGUS Pod Family, ARGUS PRO, and other star products captured the attention of attendees and industry professionals alike.



ICCPP ODM+ stole the show with their groundbreaking product, OPOD. This exceptional sustainable pod system e-cigarette solution garnered immense attention and left a lasting impression on the vaping industry.

OPOD, with its sleek and compact design, immediately caught the eye of attendees. Its stylish airpods-like appearance combined with its convenient size made it a favorite among vaping enthusiasts. With an ultra-compact box appearance of 68mm high, 38.6mm wide and 21mm thick, the OPOD's portability and ease of use were highly praised throughout the event.

One of the standout features of OPOD is its ability to offer infinite customization with interchangeable pods. Attendees were thrilled by the vast range of flavors and options available. From classic tobacco to exotic fruity blends, OPOD catered to every individual's taste preferences. With the upgraded Mesh coil, its more evenly distributed honeycomb mesh heaters make OPOD atomised e-liquid more delicate, with richer and stronger flavour release, and also reduce the risk of spitting e-liquid.

OPOD is also a removable and rechargeable battery vape solution that complies with the requirements of the latest EU Battery Act and sustainability regulations. Users are free to open and close the special "Super Window" to replace batteries and recharge them freely without the need to use any tools, without worrying about the environmental issues associated with disposable batteries, which are frequently thrown away, and the remaining power life while vaping. This remarkable feature sets the OPOD apart from other pod system solutions on the market.

In addition, ICCPP ODM+ presented their state-of-the-art ultra-thin pod system solution, BLADE X, at Vapexpo2024, featuring the powder-free GENE TREE ceramic coil technology. This patented innovative technology not only ensured the safety and compliance of the product, with more evenly temperature control and less harmful chemical substance release while vaping, but also offered exceptional performance with longer lifespan and excellent flavor consistency. Attendees were impressed by the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into developing this advanced solution. Moreover, ICCPP ODM+ showcased their expertise in providing TPD-compliant solutions. Their dedication to meeting regulatory standards and offering customizable pod system and disposable product options garnered attention from industry professionals and enthusiasts alike.


At VAPEXPO 2024, VOOPOO and ICCPP ODM+ showcased cutting-edge innovations, solidifying ICCPP Group's leadership in the vaping industry. With VOOPOO's focus on technology and user experience and ICCPP ODM+'s emphasis on sustainability and performance. Excited for future opportunities to engage with the vaping community and unveil more groundbreaking advancements.


WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.