Globalization Traction and Whole Industry Chain Breakthrough: Revealing the Reasons for ICCPP ODM+’s Rapid Success


Vape Club Show, the last global e-cigarette event of 2022 in Moscow, came to a successful end a few days ago. as an innovative business of ICCPP Group in 2022, ICCPP ODM+ made its debut in the Russian market, and was warmly welcomed with its high quality vapes and specialized brand empowerment services. Not surprisingly, the Russian market will follow the pace of Europe and America and soon become another landmark growth zone of ICCPP ODM+ business.


The Vape Club Show Site of ICCPP ODM+

The ODM+ business of ICCPP Group started its operation in the middle of this year, and  it has quickly gained a firm foothold in the ODM market of e-cigarettes in less than half a year, where is crowded with listed companies, and established deep partnerships with many e-cigarette brands in more than 20 countries and regions in 5 continents around the world.

When asked about the reason for the success of ICCPP ODM+,the founder and CEO of ICCPP Group, Everest Zhao said that it is all due to our “comprehensive industrial ecological thinking of insisting on the whole industry chain layout and global operation." With the marathon spirit of continuous strategic reserve and technology investment, it is only natural that our ODM+ business has achieved explosive and sprinting development.

Globalization traction & Whole industry chain synergy

When it comes to ICCPP Group, you may be slightly unfamiliar, But when it comes to the VOOPOO, no one in the big smoke (vape) circle is unaware of. ICCPP Group is the parent company of VOOPOO, the top open vape brand. The success of ICCPP ODM+ should be attributed firstly to their willingness to share the global success of VOOPOO with the industry without reservation and to transplant the perfect genes of their successful brands to customers' brands. There are many ODM companies who want to launch its own brand, and there are also many companies who turn from branding to ODM, but there are only a few companies who integrate their globally successful self-owned branding with ODM business to achieve win-win situation, and ICCPP Group is one of them.

This is not just a simple business change, but to the choice of corporate strategy and to require the resources synergy from the whole industry chain, which is something that needs to be well thought out for any company owner.The promises made at the beginning of the launch of ICCPP ODM+ business are a careful response:

Firstly, ICCPP Group intends to build strategic partnerships with our customers, not just ordinary and  short-term interest cooperation.

Second, ICPPP promises to provide all customers with the latest technology applications, and to treat their brands the same as our self-owned brands.

Third, ICCPP will open up all cutting-edge technologies and the whole industry chain to invest in strategic cooperation, including all laboratories and research institutes, automated intelligent factories, overseas localized user insights and globalized marketing services, and is committed to breaking the monopoly to create an open competitive environment.

Fourthly, ICCPP will respond to the strategic planning requirements and simultaneously open multi-dimensional transformation of supply chain, operation management and digitalization to realize all-round changes from supplier selection to factory construction and even to market expansion so as to support the new ODM+ business.

All above directly solve kinds of problems at macro management level such as strategic path, business competition, resource investment and capacity matching that need to be faced from the development of self-owned brand to ODM+ business.

Compared with the ordinary ODM and OEM model, the mature globalization mindset of ICCPP ODM+ rooted in its self-owned brand can fully and comprehensively empower customers’ brands, and the whole industry chain synergy it draws can truly penetrate into the customer’s product design, manufacturing, sales, operation and marketing, then realizing the branding, marketization and serialization of the customer's product design, the high quality, standardization and modularization of the product manufacturing, and the localization, regionalization and user-centralization of the customer's product marketing, so as to achieve the win-win situation of the customer's brands and ODM+ business.

New strategic partnership & Innovative management operation mechanism

Promoting mutual business trust and strengthening partnerships are important grips and key supports for ODM business development. ICCPP ODM+ believes that the smooth delivery of products is not the end of ODM partnership period, but a new starting point to serve a new partnership for the development of customers' brands. Regarding the marketing and promotion of products after launched, how to help customers' brand products really penetrate into users’ hearts and opening up the imagination for mutual and sustainable trust and cooperation, there are lots more that ICCPP ODM+ should and have to do. For example, in response to customers about the real dilemma of long time cycle and high cost required for product compliance and certification in regional markets, ICCPP ODM+ quickly integrated the strength of the Group's advantageous resources and deeply shared compliance certification and testing with customers. They fully open the industry's top CNAS labs and UL8139 labs in an high-efficient, high-standard and cost-effective manner to provide one-stop and customized compliance services including PMTA, TPD, etc. to solve real-life difficulties for customers’ branded products on the market.

The business leadership of ICCPP ODM+, as a new business cooperation model, also lies in the construction of a new type of strategic partnership and the innovative adoption of "Big Project" operation mechanism, which ensures the smooth promotion of the new partnership and the orderly and powerful execution of the project in various aspects such as functional roles, management authority, resource scheduling and comprehensive decision-making.

In addition to the traditional project manager, "Big Project" system of ICCPP ODM+ takes a step forward and creatively introduces the role of "project supervisor" to coordinate matters related to project planning, organization, command, control, decision making, personnel, and resource scheduling. Internally, the project manager is responsible for controlling project progress and time nodes, clarifying the orderly and substantive promotion of the "list-based" project tasks, while the project supervisor is responsible for key coordination and decision making, resource scheduling and matching, ensuring effective negotiation and docking and strong coordination and processing, so as to realize the rapid landing of signed projects, and worry-free implementation of projects with substantive progress.

Externally, “Big Project” system advocates "heartfelt service" to proactive response to star customers’ demands, 24 hours a day, to service customer brands’ growth. The professional elite team, consisting of brand marketers, product managers, R&D managers, commercial personnel, project manager and project supervisor, adheres to the service concept of "every customer brand is a carefully incubated brand of ICCPP ODM+", thinks ahead of customer brands and products’ pain points, and fits market findings and actual user needs, to provide all-round and whole-process ODM+ service from customer's branding, product development and marketing empowerment, one step faster and one step deeper, in order to seize the opportunity of rapid development for customers’ brands.

Industry ecological thinking & Whole chain win-win

An open and symbiotic industrial ecology is the soil for innovation and technological change, as well as the key to shaping core competitiveness, especially in the B2B circle where ICCPP ODM+ is located. Everest Zhao pointed out that "the industry's advantage is upgraded to the integration ability of the whole industry chain in the global novel tobacco industry. Based on learning from Google's open ecology and Tesla's innovative spirit, ICCPP should be determined and pioneering to share our global experience and advantages, and continuously empower the industry through ODM+ service, thus creating an open and leading corporate culture across regions, ethnicities and countries."

There is a passage in the I Ching that says, "You will get secondary outcome when setting goals high and low results when goals are set secondrily. Your heart have long yearned for there though you can't go.” Thinking from the "ego", enterprise development is based on product iteration and technology transcendence, which is the progress of "methods and instruments", while from the "industry self", openness, inclusiveness and sharing are the universal values and trends of industry innovation and development. Based on this, the constraints of value satisfaction of stakeholders in the whole industry chain, such as customers, shareholders, users, upstream and downstream partners, employees, the public, etc., can be "solved", and the lasting investment of resources, equipment, capacity and personnel is “at any cost and effort”.

Since its establishment, ICCPP has insisted on the R&D and manufacturing of electronic atomization technology, and continued to invest 10% in R&D strategy every year for nearly 10 years, never wavering, and has been committed to promoting innovation and development in the field of novel tobacco. In order to further widen the moat of the industry and co-exist and co-prosper with the industry chain, ICCPP also took the lead in the industry this year by joining hands with SAP and PwC to open a digital transformation project to realize the comprehensive digitalization of R&D, production, management, marketing and supply chain. Internally, it efficiently cooperates with information and resources to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and externally, it actually promotes the orderly opening and integration and reorganization of resources of the whole industry chain, which is an exemplary key step for the formation of a truly open and lasting win-win virtuous industrial ecology.

In the future, ICCPP ODM+, as the innovative chief strategic business of the global operating and full industry chain layout electronic atomization health technology group, will continue to take innovation, openness and win-win industrial thinking as the cornerstone, take user thinking as the guide, and to fit customers’ brands by deeply consolidate the inner innovation powers, further surpassing in leading technology power, premium product power, caring service power, lasting competitiveness and sincere cooperation power, and to do our best to enhance brand value, create brand and product advantages for partners, enhance mutual trust and deep cooperation, thus achieving mutual long-term sustainable development.


ICCPP ODM+ is an innovative ODM strategic cooperation model created by ICCPP Group in 2022, which provides customers' brands with premium vape solutions and helps to extend their product life cycles,so as to achieve long-term win-win success through innovations and breakthroughs in technology+, product+, flavor+, quality+, compliance+ and marketing+.

About ICCPP:

ICCPP Group is a comprehensive electronic atomization ecological group with the whole industrial chain layout. It is rapidly developing with a new business model of the matrix, internationalization, and platform, integrating technology R&D, product design, intelligent manufacturing, brand operation, and supply chain management.