ICCPP prioritizes green development through production efficiency, energy efficiency, and carbon emission reduction. We promote the integration of enterprise and environment, fostering harmonious and sustainable development.

Released the Group's ESG Annual Report

Green smart factory with over 100,000 square meters

Explore biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials for product casings

Launched "Cyclo", an innovative dual eco-friendly solution

2 products obtained Product Carbon Footprint Verification (PCF)

Implemented green operations and advocated green office


ICCPP Group practices corporate responsibility through digitalization, intelligent transformation, and strict quality control. We share our development fruits, contributing to society and industry advancement.

Take the lead in digital strategy transformation

Joining several global industry associations and calling for openness and win-win situation

Guardianship action for minors - "Sunshine Guardian Program"

Participated in the world's top industry forums (GTNF, GFN) to deliver China's voice

Actively engaged in public welfare and charity


ICCPP Group integrates corporate governance into production and operations, ensuring compliance, business ethics, and sustainable development. We strive for excellence, industry quality, and social trust, becoming a benchmark for corporate excellence.

Comply with global laws and regulations

Take PMTA as the reference standard

Build "Sunshine ICCPP", advocate integrity and anti-corruption

Carrying out strong anti-counterfeiting actions

Strengthen privacy and information security protection

Product quality and pre-sale, sale and after-sale service guarantee